God helps them that help themselves

God helps them that help themselves
Cf. AESCHYLUS Fragments 395 φιλεῖ δὲ τῷ κάμνοντι συσπεύδειν θεός, God likes to assist the man who toils; early 15th-cent. Fr. aidez uous, Dieu uos aidera, help yourself, God will help you.

1545 R. TAVERNER tr. Erasmus’ Adages (ed. 2) 57 Dii facientes adiuuant. The goddes do helpe the doers.

1551 T. WILSON Rule of Reason S1v Shipmen cal to God for helpe, and God will helpe them, but so not withstandying, if they helpe them selfes.

1668 R. B. Adagia Scotica 21 Help thy self, and God will help thee.

1736 B. FRANKLIN Poor Richard’s Almanack (June) God helps them that help themselves.

1892 H. P. LIDDON Sermons on Some Words of Christ iii. God does not promise us each and all that..the ravens shall come to feed us: as the proverb most truly says, He helps them that help themselves.

1990 C. FREMLIN Listening in Dusk xxvii. A widow of eighty-nine..had hit an intruder over the head with the family Bible and sent him flying. ‘The Lord helps those who help themselves!’ she’d declared, cackling with triumph in front of the cameras.

2002 Spectator 19 Jan. 33 And what does the future hold? He quotes his grandmother: ‘The Lord helps those who help themselves’.

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